Barley, Fall Nomini

barley grass seeds

Barley, Fall Nomini

Barley is a fast growing, cool season, annual grain crop that can be used as forage or as a cover crop to improve soil quality. Barley quickly produces large volumes of biomass for improving the soil organic matter content. It provides weed and insect suppression as well as excellent erosion control. It also can serve as a topsoil-protecting crop during drought conditions in any region. Barley can reclaim overworked, weedy or eroded elds, or act as a cover crop mix for improving soil structure and nutrient cycling.

Type: Grass

Seeding & Growth

  • Precision: Not recommended
  • Drilled: 50 lb/A, 3/4”to 1 1/2”deep
  • Broadcast: 80 lb/A
  • Aerial: 96 lb/A
  • Dates: 3-10 weeks before avg rst frost
  • Avg seeds/lb: 190,300 Inoculate: NR*
  • Inter-seeding: Yes, light seed, see p 34 for details
  • Emergence: 14 days Height: 1.5′ – 3′
  • Drought & Heat: Low heat and drought tolerance
  • Flooding: Tolerates long flooding or ponding

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