Sunn Hemp, Tillage

Application of Cover Crop

Sunn Hemp, Tillage

Sunn Hemp is an upright, warm season legume. It is a cover crop adapted to tropical or subtropical areas. In 60 days from planting it can typically grow over 6 feet tall. It can add 80-100 pounds of nitrogen. It produces approximately 4 tons of organic matter. In addition, it can suppress multiple types of nematodes. Some of the nematodes it has shown to suppress include reniform, borrowing and root-knot nematodes. It also suppresses pesky weeds such as pigweed. Due to the large roots and strong taproot, it is a great soil builder. The leaves of sunn hemp are 30% protein. As such, using sunn hemp as a mulch or green manure would be beneficial at the early to mid-flowering stages.

Type: Legume

Season: Warm Season

Seeding & Growth

  • Precision: 9 lb/A (15″ rows) or 5 lb/A (30″ rows)
  • Drilled: 12 lb/A 1/2″ to 1″ deep
  • Broadcast: Not recommended
  • Aerial: Not recommended
  • Dates: Anytime after last threat of first frost. For maximum benefit, plant a minimum of 8 weeks before avg first frost in the fall
  • Avg seeds/lb: 15,000
  • Emergence: 3 days
  • Height: 4′ in 60 days and 6′ in 90 days
  • Inoculate: Yes, cowpea or peanut inoculant
  • Inter-seeding: Not recommended
  • Drought and Heat: High heat and drought tolerance
  • Flooding: Does not tolerate flooding

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