Valmar 2455 Cover Crop Seeder

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Valmar 2455 Cover Crop Seeder


  • Application Width:
    • 24 outlets/24-60


40 cu. ft. (1800 lb.)*

  • Mild steel with 2 component epoxy primer and 2 component cross linked acrylic top coat paint system
  • Weather tight lid
  • Product level sight gauge
  • Hopper bottom shut-off slide gates


  • 1.25 in. ID flexible PVC hose
  • Broadcast deflectors mount individually to the implement frame


  • Ground driven (hydraulic drive is available)
  • Half shut off on either side
  • 28 grove plastic fluted metering rollers – 12 groove available for more coarse material or higher rates
  • In-cab electric clutch control and air manifold monitor
  • 60 speed gearbox with 5% between settings
  • Air manifold and venturi system drop for easy cleaning


  • Hydraulic or gas engine drive
    • Hydraulic – 11.5 gal./min.; 11 HP gas engine
  • 16 in. impeller with 3 in. outlet (1655) or 18 in. impeller with 4 in. outlet
  • Operates at 3200-4000 RPM


  • Mounting kits for AerWay, tool bars and various cultivators and harrow bars
  • 12 groove roller assemblies for coarse material Fitted tarp
  • Outlet blocker kits and line splitters to match a specific number of required runs in special mounting situations
  • Agitator kits
  • Delivery hose quick coupler kits

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