Millet, Pearl

Millet, Pearl

Pearl Millet is an upright summer annual bunch grass. It has broad, flat, pointed leaves with serrated edges with cattail like inflorescences. It uses low amounts of water which makes it great in heat and drought environments. It utilizes the wind to self-pollinate. It is best if grazed between 24-30 inches tall.

Type: Grass

Season: Warm Season

Seeding & Growth

  • Precision: Not recommended
  • Drilled: 4 lb/A
  • Broadcast: 5 lb/A
  • Aerial: 6 lb/A
  • Drainage: Poorly to well-drained soils
  • Fertility: Very good tolerance of low fertility
  • pH Level: 5.5 – 7.5
  • Min. Soil Germ. Temp: 65°F
  • Avg seeds/lb: 82,300
  • Inoculate: NR*
  • Height: 2-4 feet
  • Emergence: 7 days
  • Drought & Heat: Excellent heat and drought tolerance
  • Flooding: Does not tolerate flooding or ponding

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