our story

Our Story

We are a four generation family farm that started with my great grandpa (Curt Tonner) who had a love and passion for raising crops and cattle. That same love and passion was instilled in my grandpa (Gary Tonner), who also brought on raising hogs from farrow to finish. Then as my dad (Dean Tonner) and uncles took over the farm, the cattle went away and they doubled our farrow to finish operation. They took the farm to a new level that my grandpa couldn’t do by himself. Growing crops and managing the farm has always been my first love; growing hogs has not. With land prices at an all-time high and a un-desire to grow the hog operation with my dad, I decided to start Green Seed Ag LLC. We wanted to do better with the ground that we had already obtained, and plan to obtain in the future. This in a nut shell is the heart of what Green Seed Ag is all about and is why our slogan is, “Building and Maintaining Healthy Soil”. We have been planting cover crops on all of our acres since 2012; through the use of cover crops, we are stimulating the biology in the soil for them to start rebuilding soil health. This is the way God intended it to be from the beginning, for soil to be self-sustaining. We take pride in having a knowledge of farming, carrying good products and wanting to help others preserve healthy soil for future generations to come.

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