Oats, Spring VNS

Termination of Cover Crop

Oats, Spring Jerry

Spring oats are an upright, cool-season annual grass. This is a great starter cover crop due to its ease of spring management. When seeded in the fall, spring oats will winter kill in the northern regions. This will allow for easy management and planting in the spring. In addition, spring oats can germinate quickly. As such, they can outcompete weeds. Finally, spring oats are a great scavenger of nitrogen remaining from summer legumes or fertilization.

Type: Grass

Season: Cool Season

Seeding & Growth

  • Precision: Not Recommended
  • Drilled: 64 lb/A, 3/4″ to 1 1/2″ deep
  • Broadcast: 78 lb/A
  • Aerial: 94 lb/A
  • Dates: Late February to the end of March (Spring), 6 to 8 weeks before average first frost (Fall)
  • Average seeds/lb: 19,600
  • Inoculate: NR*
  • Emergence: 5-8 Days
  • Height: 2′-5′
  • Inter-seeding: Yes, ask a specialist for details
  • Drought and Heat: Low drought and heat tolerance
  • Flooding: Tolerates brief flooding or ponding

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