Buckwheat is a very good short season cover crop. It reaches maturity in just 70-90 days. The main benefits include weed suppression through shading and competition. It also attracts beneficial insects. It is a good first crop for rejuvenating over-farmed soils. Buckwheat’s dense, fibrous roots clustered in the topsoil provide an extensive root system for scavenging nutrients.

Type: Broadleaf

Season: Warm Season

Seeding & Growth

  • Precision: Not recommended
  • Drilled: 20 lb/A, 1/2″ to 1 1/2″
  • Broadcast: 22 lb/A
  • Aerial: 27 lb/A
  • Dates: Seed 6-10 weeks before average first frost, Anytime after last threat of spring frost
  • Avg seeds/lb: 20,400
  • Emergence: 3-7 days
  • Height: 2′-5′
  • Inoculate: No
  • Inter-seeding: Yes, ask a specialist for details
  • Drought and Heat: Low drought tolerance, Excellent heat tolerance
  • Flooding: Does not tolerate flooding or ponding

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