Clover, Crimson C&I

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Clover, Crimson C&I

Crimson Clover is an upright to semi-upright winter annual. It has light green leaves covered with soft hairs and crimson flowers. It has a taproot accompanied by numerous small fibrous roots. Is has been successfully used as a cover crop in rotations including corn, soybean, wheat, cotton, potatoes and grain sorghum. It is adapted to cool humid conditions. Some of the main cover crop objectives that crimson clover provides is nitrogen production, soil building, erosion prevention. In addition, it is a great forage and grazing crop.

Type: Legume

Season: Cool Season

Seeding & Growth

  • Precision: Not recommended
  • Drilled: 12 lb/A, 1/4″ to 1/2″ deep
  • Broadcast: 15 lb/A
  • Aerial: 18 lb/A
  • Dates: Anytime after last threat if spring frost, Seed 6-10 weeks before avg first frost
  • Avg seeds/lb: 149,800
  • Inoculate: Pre-Inoculated
  • Emergence: 3-7 days
  • Height: 12″-20″
  • Inter-seeding: Yes, ask a specialist for details
  • Drought and Heat: Fair heat and drought tolerance
  • Flooding: Does not tolerate flooding or ponding

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