The soil penetrating technology in BD-Biocast provides a sustaining environment for beneficial microbes and biostimulants to proliferate in the soil and accessibility toward the root zone.


Introducing BD-Biocast (1-0-0) from Biodyne, a specifically designed biostimulant technology containing Biodyne’s proprietary best-in-class Environoc 401 beneficial microbial consortium along with organic acid complexes, amino acids derived from plant protein hydrolysates, and soil-penetrating technologies to benefit producers who do not have in-furrow delivery capability. BD-Biocast is delivered via a variety of soil applied application methods.

The beneficial microbial population provides a very diverse and sustained wide range of benefits to any crop. Some of the microbial capabilities include:

Nitrogen fixation, Phosphate solubilization, Hormone production, Vitamin production, Siderophore production, and more…

The idea is to build a healthy population of “good guy” microbes to enhance overall soil / plant health and create a more sustainable environment.

BD-Biocast brings amino acids from plant derived protein hydrolysates that promote increased microbial activity and balance in the soil. BD-Biocast also contains a complex organic acid profile that provides a superior carbon source that can feed microbial populations and also provide micronutrient chelation abilities to the soil.


Pre-plant application with liquid N, pre-emergence application with liquid N, 2 x 2 band with liquid N, applied via Y drop at tassel

Pre-plant or pre-emergence application with foundation herbicide

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