BD-Max Biostimulant

BD-Max Biostimulant

BD-Max is an all-natural concentrated biostimulant designed to provide nutrition, energy, and value to the Biodyne Environoc Beneficial Microbial Products.


This advanced tool provides a myriad of benefits to the microbiology in the rhizosphere to enhance both soil and plant health. BD-Max stimulates and maximizes the inoculated Biodyne microbes as well as the indigenous microbial community within the rhizosphere and soil. The goal is to increase the availability of soil nutrients for the plant and reduce abiotic stress factors via the enhanced microbiome. BD-Max is a liquid concentrate synthesized from plant materials and stabilized to intensify the activity of the plant-soil system. BD-Max works through multiple active agents and modes of actions that provide complex compounds including; B vitamins, micronutrients, glycosides, organic acids, triacontanol, enzymes, and brassinosteroids. BD-Max is a blend of science and technologies to maximize the benefits and provide synergy with the Environoc Microbial products. Together, BD-Max and Environoc Microbial Teams are the Perfect Pair and Value Proposition to Maximize your crop’s Yield Potential.


Row Crops:
4 ounces per acre in-furrow or broadcast as a combination application with Environoc Beneficial Microbial Products (mix in planter at time of application), 8 ounces if used alone.

Specialty Crops:
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