Environoc Seed Treatment

Environoc Seed Treatment

ENVIRONOC Seed Treatment is a breakthrough technology delivering a 100% natural viable biological team of beneficial microbes, promoting a quick and sustained germination process. After germination this microbial team plus organic acid food sources continues to provide a host of benefits to the growing plant by enhancing the fundamental relationship between the soil and the plant. Biochemical signals (enzymes) are given off by this all-star microbial team communicating with the plant, invoking a more robust root mass and vigorous plant, helping to maintain its strength and endurance.


Microbe capabilities include: nutrient release enhancement, surfactant production, vitamin production, degradation capabilities, hormone production, and siderophore production, to name a few.

  • Enhance germination promote emergence and stand optimization
  • Optimize the rhizosphere, a more robust and efficient plant and microbe relationship promoting a “forgiveness factor” for growing conditions


On Seed Application Rate | 6-8 oz per 100 lb of seed

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