Undigested residue is a physical tie up of your investment dollars. Recycle your nutrition and turn residue into a valuable resource for next years crop!


MeltDown is the most Complete and advanced tool for managing crop residue. It delivers enhanced residue breakdown powered by the ENVIRONOC 501 team of 100% natural residue digesting microorganisms. This All–in-One residue management product combines viable and capable microbes with organic acids and nitrogen (1-0-0) to degrade complex polymers such as Cellulose, Lignin, Chitin and related compounds. This enhanced biological breakdown allows drills and planters to slice through · residue instead of bouncing over it; reduces hair pinning, promotes optimal seed placement, uniform emergence and an optimized stand. MeltDown enhances the return of micro and macro nutrients from the residue to the soil and will help drive CO2 cycling, promote higher yields and healthier soil. Deploy MeltDown to Reclaim your investment dollars currently tied up by residue in your fields.


32 ounces per acre:
As a stand alone application with water and/or Nitrogen as a carrier or added to your Fall or Spring Burndown.

MeltDown’s Complete formulation is tank mix ready allowing you to get more value from your Burndown application. MeltDown can be applied to all types of crop residue.

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