Environoc 801 LN

Environoc 801 LN

Designed for those producers who do not have in-furrow capability!


Introducing Environoc 801 LN, a specifically designed biostimulant technology containing Biodyne’s proprietary, best-in-class Environoc 401 beneficial microbial consortium along with organic acid complexes and soil-penetrating technologies to benefit producers who do not have in-furrow delivery capabilities. The beneficial microbial population provides a very diverse, sustained and wide range of benefits to any crop. Some of the microbial capabilities include Nitrogen fixation and Phosphate solubilization organic acid profile that provides a superior carbon source that can feed microbial populations and provide micronutrient chelation abilities to the soil. The soil penetrating technology provides a sustaining environment for beneficial microbes and biostimulants to proliferate in the soil and accessibility toward the root zone. Environoc 801 LN can increase stand emergence and uniformity, enhance crop vigor, increase root mass, facilitate better nutrient uptake, and reduce plant stress from environmental factors.

Environoc 801 LN:

  • Provides biological diversity to any field
  • Has soil penetrating technologies to provide sustained biostimulant capabilities
  • Increases soil health
  • Improves yield potential
  • Provides carbon that feeds plant and soil microbial population
  • Provides organic acids that help chelate micronutrient nutrition in the root zone


Environoc 801 LN is dosed at a rate of 32 ounces per acre.

Recommended Application Methods:

Corn – Pre-plant application with liquid N, pre-emergence application with liquid N, 2 x 2 band with liquid N, applied via Y drop at tassel

Soybeans – Pre-plant or pre-emergence application with foundation herbicide

Other Crops – Check with distributor


Sizes Sold: 1 Gallon, 2.5 Gallons, 5 Gallons, 55 Gallon , 275 Gallon 

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